Apartment in Belgrade

Apartment in Belgrade - if you need a place to stay in Belgrade, look no further, because we have everything you need to get accommodated nicely and at an affordable price.

Wellport Lux Apartman Belgrade Rent 800 eur

Blok 65, Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia

48 sqm 2 beds 30.12.2019.

Apartman | Rent
800 €
16.67 € per m2
Luxury Apartman Belgrade Buy 159000 eur

Krunska, Vracar, Belgrade, Serbia

61 sqm 1 beds 24.05.2019.

Apartman | Buy
159,000 €
2,606.56 € per m2
Apartman Belgrade Buy 229000

Kopitareva gradina, Stari grad, Belgrade, Serbia

120 sqm 3 beds 07.09.2018.

Apartman | Buy
229,000 €
1,908.33 € per m2

Apartment in Belgrade

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