Belgrade accommodation – rent

Belgrade accommodation – rent - Coming to Belgrade is a wonderful experience – anyone who’s been there will tell you that. Belgrade accommodation for rent is fairly easy to find on our site – we use the latest search features so all you need to do is enter the basic information, and a list of apartments available for rent will be before you.

Izdavanje BW-Zgrada VISTA,113m2,Lux,Garaza,fantastican pogled.SNIZENO! 1700 eur

Karadjordjeva, Savski venac, Belgrade, Serbia

113 sqm 4 beds 20.08.2019.

Flat | Rent
1,700 €
15.04 € per m2
Flat in Belgrade for rent - Zemun Altina Dobanovački put, 89 50m2 200EUR

Altina, Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia

50 sqm 3 beds 24.03.2019.

Flat | Rent
200 €
4.00 € per m2
Office building in Belgrade for rent - Cukarica Banovo brdo Орфелинова 760m2 1EUR

Banovo brdo, Cukarica, Belgrade, Serbia

760 sqm 20 beds 12.02.2019.

Office building | Rent
1 €
0.00 € per m2
Garage in Belgrade for rent - Vracar Crveni krst Кајмакчаланска 12m2 80EUR

Crveni krst, Vracar, Belgrade, Serbia

12 sqm 0 beds 02.02.2019.

Garage | Rent
80 €
6.67 € per m2
Flat in Belgrade for rent - Stari grad Centar Sarajevska 70m2 750EUR

Centar, Stari grad, Belgrade, Serbia

70 sqm 3 beds 25.01.2019.

Flat | Rent
750 €
10.71 € per m2
Flat in Belgrade for rent - Vracar Cvetni trg Resavska 73m2 500EUR

Cvetni trg, Vracar, Belgrade, Serbia

73 sqm 3.5 beds 25.01.2019.

Flat | Rent
500 €
6.85 € per m2

Belgrade accommodation – rent

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