Belgrade Apartments for Rent

Belgrade Apartments for Rent - rent apartments easily with our site. Booking is fast, cheap and you will get high-quality flats or studio apartments for the duration of your stay in Belgrade.

Apartman Belgrade Rent 500 eur

Blok 9a, Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia

78 sqm 0 beds 14.05.2019.

Apartman | Rent
500 €
6.41 € per m2

Belgrade Apartments for Rent

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia is one of the most magnificent places to visit. It has a long and rich history, amazing traditional cuisine, night life that will make your head spin, and many other places worth visiting. If you’re coming to Belgrade as a tourist, you’ve surely wondered where to stay over. Well, unless you have a distant cousin or an aunt in Belgrade, your options are quite limited: it’s either hotel or hostel. But, a new option has emerged in the past few years – there are Belgrade apartments for rent which you can easily book at our site. It’s cheap, fast, and most of all you will get exquisite accommodation for so little money it’s ridiculous. Try our site on for size, and who knows – maybe you’ll want to gome back again, and again...