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Global Real Estate News and Upcoming Problems

Current global economic crisis has brought up a range of problems to real estate market, among which mass global migration plays an important role. The big questions "How will cities accommodate mass migration?", and "How can the real estate industry respond?", are yet to be answered.

Horoscope Interior Design Guidelines

According to astrologers, looking to the stars can give us clues to our preferred hues, finishes, and furnishings. When our environment reflects our true cosmic nature, we become more relaxed and function more effectively.

Urban and Architecture Trends That Left a Mark on 2017

Wondering about what left a remarkable trace in the previous year? We can surely say that urban planning and architecture gained a new perspective and are improving for the better for the upcoming years. Here's the best trends that have influenced our living in 2017.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Futuristic Living Room

Want to create a futuristic room in your home, but you don't have the inspiration for it? Propbooster is going to help you with these fine tricks that can make your living space look like the inside of a spaceship, but a fancy one Best part is - you don't have to break the bank to do it, too.

Top 8 Best Designed Buildings in Europe

When it comes to architecture, Europe is the pioneer of innovation, whether it be commercial, residential or public space in question. Here we're going to share some of the most beautiful and well-designed buildings erected in the last decade or so. Many of them have been designed by famous architects, renowned for their ingenui...

Ways to Reduce Risk in Real Estate Investing

Investing is tricky business - even in the world of real estate. Learn how to minimize any damage to your investments with a few simple tricks. It's nothing fancy, expensive or mind-boggling. Just keep these tips in mind next time you consider buying a property.

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

Learn why real estate business is one of the safest ways to gain income, how you can do that and what to expect. Investing is easy, but you have to learn exactly how to do that, research the local real estate market if you're starting slow, know your targeted niche, and many other things which you can learn here on PropBooster.

Virtual Reality in Real Estate Today and Why You Should Use it

Virtual reality is a game changer when it comes to marketing, and recently it's become popular in real estate. Here's how and why you should start using it in your agency as well. Get rid of the prejudice that VR is just for playing games - it has so much more potential and may very well revolutionize the real estate market, for...

Propbooster Tips & Tricks: Transforming Living Space on a Budget

Are you in desperate need of a new surrounding, but you don't really have the budget to make any big changes to your home? Don't worry, because we're going to give you some of the best and frugal ways of giving a home a revamp. You can make your home feel like new, without even going to a store.