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Horoscope Interior Design Guidelines

According to astrologers, looking to the stars can give us clues to our preferred hues, finishes, and furnishings. When our environment reflects our true cosmic nature, we become more relaxed and function more effectively.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Futuristic Living Room

Want to create a futuristic room in your home, but you don't have the inspiration for it? Propbooster is going to help you with these fine tricks that can make your living space look like the inside of a spaceship, but a fancy one Best part is - you don't have to break the bank to do it, too.

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

Learn why real estate business is one of the safest ways to gain income, how you can do that and what to expect. Investing is easy, but you have to learn exactly how to do that, research the local real estate market if you're starting slow, know your targeted niche, and many other things which you can learn here on PropBooster.

Tips and Tricks for Performing a Flawless Commercial Move

Make smart decisions - when it's time for a commercial move, many people freak out trying to finish everything on time and not lose profit in the meantime. As an entrepreneur, keeping everything under control is the main objective, and PropBooster will show you how to do just that. All of the advice and tricks are included in th...

Short-term renting in Europe: Pros and Cons

Want to learn the good and the bad aspects of private accommodation? PropBooster is here to teach you the best ways to make use of short-term renting and give advice on when's the best time to go to a hotel, and when it's time to rent an apartment. If you're coming to Europe, that's especially when it's time to consider renting...

Europe’s Top 6 Interior Designers You Need to Know About

These pioneers of interior design have changed the way we look at homes today. Learn about the Europe's best and most innovative interior designers in the last 50 years. Who knows, maybe you'll find a little inspiration for decorating your own home the same way these famous interior designers did, or even decide to support their...

Top 5 Europe Places to Invest in Real Estate

Wondering when and how to invest into real estate in Europe? We're going to share top 5 places that are the safest when it comes to real estate investing. All of the places are a literal haven for every foreigner that decides to come there, and properties are easily attainable, affordable, and most of all provide superior comfor...

How to Start a Real Estate Business

Wondering how it looks to be a real estate professional? Want to start your own practice in real estate? PropBooster experts in the property niche will tell you all about how to start a successful real estate business. Most importantly, you'll learn how to keep it afloat and stay on top of every little detail that's crucial for...

Home Decorating Mistakes You Need to Know About

If you think you're keeping up with the trends, think again. PropBooster portal presents to you the biggest decorating mistakes people usually make when designing their living space. Learn the new ways of interior design and get to working!