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Propbooster Tips & Tricks: Transforming Living Space on a Budget

Are you in desperate need of a new surrounding, but you don't really have the budget to make any big changes to your home? Don't worry, because we're going to give you some of the best and frugal ways of giving a home a revamp. You can make your home feel like new, without even going to a store.

Make a Room Brighter with These Interior Design Tricks – The Ultimate Guide

If you're feeling dull in your living space and thinking of changing things up a bit, consider the light in the room. Maybe you're not getting it enough - that's why we're here to talk about ways to make space brighter and bigger with some simple tricks. It's not hard, nor expensive - that's the most important thing.

Home Decorating Mistakes You Need to Know About

If you think you're keeping up with the trends, think again. PropBooster portal presents to you the biggest decorating mistakes people usually make when designing their living space. Learn the new ways of interior design and get to working!