Horoscope Interior Design Guidelines

No matter which horoscope sign you are, there’s a sense of magic that happens when you walk into a room and feel as if you belong. Regardless of whether home is a big studio or a sprawling ranch, it's a sanctuary, a safe and comfortable retreat from the big, bad world. So these are some tips on interior design based on your horoscope sign.

Astrology isn't just about finding the right partner. It's also about creating the ideal living space. Different star signs thrive in different domestic environments, so tailoring the interior design to suit the celestial character can have a positive effect on home life.

Unlike fashion, home decor isn't really about trends. Regardless of whether home is a big studio or a sprawling ranch, it's a sanctuary, a safe and comfortable retreat from the big, bad world.

But, that doesn't exactly mean we know what coffee table to buy or what color scheme to choose for bedding. Some zodiac dwellers need a Zen den that screams “privacy please!” Other astrological signs prefer a versatile space that allows for a revolving door of guests, partygoers and visiting family alike.

Identifying a unique design style can be tricky. Traditional or urban? Modern or beachy? Bohemian or French country? No matter, this is how one should actually be decorating according to the zodiac:

Aries are not afraid to take chances. A fiery nature combined with the strength of Mars makes them bold and full of energy. The color that is most suited for such an energetic personality is red? Shots of crimson and hot pink around the house, will keep them motivated. They should use red as an accent in every room, especially in kitchen and dining areas, as it’s also said to stimulate the appetite. Strong reds and warm oranges play into the fiery nature and lift the mood. They should include elements of actual fire: candles and gorgeous fireplaces are all welcome in an Aries home. There's a risk of becoming too energized, though, so they should sure to balance the warm elements with reflective, watery materials such as glass and silver. Known for their entrepreneurial spirit, an Aries needs a houseplant that is strong, fearless, and chic. The orchid is an elegant and self- sufficient plant that is ideal. Aries loathe complexity and absolutely adore all things simple. An open-plan, clutter-free interior is ideal. As a highly active sign, minimalism helps to focus on that never-ending list of tasks, and arranging living space to minimize cleaning, will give more time to go out and be active. They’re sensitive to light and hue, and get depressed easily. Therefore, they should avoid muddy or muted colors and bolster spirits with bright tones. They should also build plenty of bookshelves, since they love to read!  Aries maintain a frantic pace, and they’ll need a separate room to soothe themselves after a long, hectic day.  

Taureans are sensitive creatures. Being ruled by Venus the planet of love, they're great admirers of traditional beauty. They like home to be paradise. So they'll benefit from a large, luxurious sofa and an equally sumptuous bed. Because they definitely need lots of rest, their bed is one of the most important things, crucial for indulging their ability to sleep soundly for thirteen hours straight. Rugs, drapes, upholstery - anything plush and lovely will do. As an earth sign, their living space will need a good dose of organic material such as wood and natural fibers. Leafy-green plants will help to accentuate their earthy nature. Stable, persistent, and practical, cacti are the best plant companion for this earth sign. Accustomed to dry, desert conditions these succulents need very little water and nourishing, but they also love the sun, so make sure to find a sunny windowsill for this houseplant. They should consider neutral earthy colors - pastel greens with light airy accents to balance out the earth energies. Emerald green is a particularly uplifting color for sensitive souls like them. They are great cooks, once they learn their way around the kitchen, but they make even better hosts. Taureans absolutely love entertaining guests, so the ideal interior will have lots of space for socializing. They're best suited to traditional design ideas rather than modern stuff. They'll thrive in a home environment that has a rustic feel with plenty of authentic trimmings and one or two pieces of fine art hanging on the walls. Persian rugs, paintings, deep leather sofas and artfully–framed photographs suit their liking. It’s all about relaxing in elegance. To Taurus, comfort is as important as style.

Geminis crave variety, and as a result, their homes either look wildly creative or like a total mess! Their style varies between old–fashioned and modern. Creativity and color should all be part of their home. There should be space for parties, gatherings, fun and games. They'll need a big dining table for the lavish feasts they hold for friends and family. Gemini is the sign of the twins, which means they're rather apt to change their mind on a whim. Characterized by twins, Geminis have a highly adaptable personality and thus thrive in fast-paced, diverse environments. Similarly, the philodendron genus has almost 500 species that all have an array of growth methods, depending on their habitat. Not to mention that this house plant has a mix of leaf styles that range from large and small and range in shape. So make their interior design amenable to frequent change and adaptation. Their home should have lots of buzz and energy. They should consider imaginative color schemes, fun objects and vibrant materials that allow them to express their breezy nature, but should avoid going overboard as they may come off as shallow and garish. They love to be at the forefront of society. So they should invest in the latest home gadgets and get themselves some abstract modern art to really make them feel at home.

Cancerians are extremely loving and sentimental with a strong sense of home and family. Extravagance can make them feel uncomfortable. Creative and romantic, they want a cozy, soothing haven that reflects their innermost self. They'll be more at home in a cozy environment, one that has a simple but welcoming vibe. They'll appreciate a big sofa made for comfort more than style. Because they have such a deep need for security, they’ll surround themselves with sentimental objects such as souvenirs, family albums and memories that are important to them, so they should make sure there's space for photographs and other treasured touchstones. They should be aware of the tendency to hoard objects because they may eventually accumulate too much, as Cancerians tend to cling to cherished possessions. They should go for a neutral, soft-tone color palette of pastel blues with white, soft grays, cream, silvery, translucent objects to fully express their lunar energies. Because of their nostalgic tendencies, they're best suited to vintage and rustic styles. Since family is the most important thing in their life, a big, traditional dining table will allow them to hold family gatherings that satisfy their inner need for domestic harmony.  They should consider an elegant lily to not only brighten up the space with it’s tropical white flowers, but also to cleanse the house with it’s air purifying qualities.

Leos are the royalty of the horoscope. Natural born leaders. Fearless, confident and charismatic. Their solar appetites demand nothing less than opulence and extravagance. They won't be happy unless their home feels like a palace. Their ideal living space will be furnished with designer furniture and the finest materials such as silk, satin, and cashmere but they don't want to come off as overbearing and showy. Ruled by the Sun, Leos tend to crave sunshine, so they should make sure to allow plenty of natural light. They should choose a color palette of yellows, oranges, reds, golds, and a good splash of royal purple. The ideal design style for Leos is ultra-modern with big pieces of contemporary fine art. Although they like a clean layout, they should avoid furnishing with overly modern pieces. Their larger than life personality is also drawn to oversized pieces, but they should make sure they don’t dwarf other furniture, or dominate the house. A big kitchen is also essential, since they adore baking and love to express natural creativity with food. Their major concern is to make everyone happy and they like gathering friends together, especially for grand dinner parties. Unlike other signs, Leos make time for entertaining, no matter how busy they are. Being somewhat status conscious, they could opt for formal dinnerware and cloth napkins, but what’s most important is knowing the guests are having a deeply pleasurable time.

Virgos are timid by nature. They instinctively shy away from the spotlight, but they're clever, practical and resourceful. They're suited to a home that puts utility ahead of style. They hate clutter, so they should keep things simple and spacious. They should go for an open-concept plan if possible and complement this with wooden flooring that is easy to clean and maintain, and it gives them a greater sense of simplicity and space. As perfectionists, they'll benefit from rooms with symmetry. This will satisfy their innate need for a harmonious world. They should avoid flashy decorations. Instead, they should go for tasteful decor and furnishings that represent modern trends. They're mercurial by nature, so they should make sure there's space for their books and a comfortable area where they can relax while exploring ideas. Being an earth sign means they'll benefit from neutral, earthy colors such as white, soft grays, and pastel greens. The underlying energy of their sign is organic, so make room for leafy green plants, gorgeous flowers, and indoor trees. Only then will they feel truly at home. Entering the home is like a religious experience  for a Virgo. The furniture should be comfortable and basic, in neutral colors like celadon green, dove gray or white. They should steer clear of heavy antiques, doilies, overly plush carpet and anything too decorative and try a flat woven rug, a few ethnic or spiritual pieces (wood sculptures, for example), plants and fresh flowers. They should accessorize with small pops of color—like throw pillows and vases in plum or burnt orange. One can always count on a Virgo to be prepared for anything. They should keep their practical personality in-check with an aloe succulent that is the quintessential kitchen or bathroom accessory. The house plant is the perfect balance fashion and function, with an edgy spike style, but also functional medicinal properties.

Librans tend to be artistic geniuses. They're sociable by nature and absolutely love balance and harmony. Thus, to fully express their balanced nature and ideal living space they should consider perfect symmetry and excellent proportion. They crave beauty in their life. That's why their interior should be sumptuous and lovely with plenty of feminine curves and fine materials. That said, they should be careful not to sacrifice functionality for the sake of style. They should keep things minimalistic and express their love of beauty in an understated way. They'll benefit from a color scheme of pastel shades of blue and purple. Glass tabletops and ornaments will help them express their airy nature. They should invest in furniture that gives the home a vibe of authenticity. And if they want a truly Libran home interior, they should make sure creativity is represented by musical instruments, art canvases, and a good quality sound system that will feed their creative appetite. A low-maintenance plant, like a snake plant, is ideal for social Libras. This house plant is not only extremely easy to care for with periodic watering and indirect sunlight, but also inexpensive which aligns with this air sign’s tendency to make well-informed decisions.

Nobody tells a Scorpio what to do. They're powerful, magnetic, and in charge of their own destiny. They're children of mystery and they go on deep-diving adventures into the arcane. Therefore, their ideal living space is dark and ambient, full of calm, submarine colors with lots of strong contrasts and dark shadows. All this plays into their cavernous sense of mysticism and their urge to retreat from the world. They should be careful not to go too dark, though, and provide balance with natural light in spacious areas. They'll be pleased by the contrast this creates. They don't mind clashes in style or color, so they should make bold statements with their decor by Including plenty of ethnic touches, interesting textiles, and arabesque patterns that add abstract and mysterious accents to their living space. They should choose soft, stylish furniture for their living room and a luxurious bed to sleep in. This will help them gain contentment in their home. Pure Scorpios embody exuberant passion and intense determination. A tropical palm tree to match this sign’s spirited energy is recommended, but they should have in mind that these exotic plants do require a bit more work than others with fertilizer care, routine watering, and light management.

Sagittarians love to smile. They're optimistic, honest, and generally good-natured. They have strong nomadic tendencies and they constantly strive for clarity of thought. An expansive open-plan layout, then, would suit them best. If they can't have an open-concept plan, then they should make sure to organize their space to its fullest potential. The most important room in their home is the living room. They cherish the outdoors, so they should bring wild meadows into their living space in the form of flowers, aromatic plants, and exotic incense holders. The psychedelic violet pass flora petals mirror a Sagittarius’ adventurous and enthusiastic nature. This plant can be potted or grown into a vine for a free- spirited style that fits this sign’s fierce and expansive personality. They should choose decorative objects that give them a sense of rushing waterfalls, and serene mountain landscapes. They should go for leather furnishings to feed their love of tribal wildness. They dislike industrial perfection and they're not one for trendy fads, so they should  make their home slightly rough around the edges with well-trodden rugs and old wooden furniture. They need to feel stimulated in their domestic environment. A color scheme that suits them best is lavender, peacock blues, purples, oranges, and reds. For a truly homey feeling, they should imbue their decor with innocence; broad strokes and big, happy paintings never fail to bring out that gorgeous smile.

Capricorns are down-to-earth and conventional. They love details and dislike people who cut corners. They'll feel good with a traditional decor of vintage accessories and sturdy furniture. For them, it's not about splendor and fashion - it's about practicality. However, they should be careful not to become too conventional, as this can lead to rigidity. They should surround themselves with earthy objects made of stoneware and wood. If they have the budget, they should include marble and sandstone. They should choose a color scheme that complements their down-to-earth nature. Greens and soft browns accented with splashes of color suit them best. Capricorns are hard-workers and appreciate the diligence of others, so they should go for well-crafted, practical objects that inspire them. For a hardworking Capricorn with a never-ending to-do list, a Chinese evergreen is a fool-proof decorative house plant because it requires minimal care. The powerful plant is easy-to-grow and adapts to just about any condition so it’s the perfect pick for a Capricorn.

Aquarians are humane and rebellious, groundbreaking and original. They live with one foot in the past, one foot in the present, and their head in the future. That's why they'll benefit from an eclectic design. They should embrace the latest home technology and feed their futuristic instincts. They should include plenty of leafy green plants because the oxygen boost will feed that airy spirit of theirs. A classic Aquarius is experimental, inventive, and boldly independent. They should enhance their creative imagination with a bulk of whimsical air plants that can be grown in a variety of homes. They'll need to ground their somewhat flighty nature, however, so they should consider wooden flooring combined with lots of natural light. Pale blues, greens, and silver combined with vibrant accents of complementary colors are their best bets. They should make sure to have a special area for spiritual contemplation. It might include floor pillows and meditation cushions, bean bags, candles, music, incense, and books. They should include abstract shapes and patterns, modern-looking materials such as glass and metal, and things that have a futuristic vibe.

Pisceans love to daydream. They have a strong imagination governed by the heart. Sleep is highly important to them, so a lavish bed and luxuriously thick, dark curtains are a must. They've got too much going on in their psyche to be concerned with cleaning and tidying. They should make sure, then, that the layout and furniture is as fuss-free as possible. Ruled by Neptune, the Roman god of water, Pisceans are the water sign, always thriving in aqueous conditions. They should consider a marine-inspired color palette and incorporating decorative watery elements: indoor fountains and waterfalls, aquariums - all of these will have a calming effect. The overall vibe of their home should aid relaxation and play into their dreamy nature. They should include stars in the decor, make references to mystical places and twilight realms, and hang pictures of other-worldly landscapes on the walls to remind them of the mysterious universe. Home is a highly personal retreat for Pisces, a cozy haven where they recharge emotional batteries. They have a great sense of style, and tastefully decorate every room. A dreamy bonsai tree that thrives in a soaked-root-system is a Pisces match made in heaven. This water sign’s personality manifests into boundless imagination and creativity which harmonizes beautifully with this house plant’s symbolism of peace, harmony and balance. There’s a sensual vibe throughout the living space, infused with feminine touches like scented candles and room sprays. Since Pisces have many moods, they could have a different room for each. This is an element with a bold touch of fantasy. Above all, they prize solitude, and need a wide canvas for their imagination. Home to them is a peaceful place to daydream and it should be filled with beautiful music, or else with the deep, resonant “sound of silence.”

No matter which sign you are, there’s a sense of magic that happens when you walk into a room and feel as if you belong. It’s what we all strive for in our own spaces, but it can be surprisingly difficult to get just right. Just picking a perfect paint color can be a tricky process of trial and error. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fast track this process and hone in not only on the part of the color wheel that will speak to us, but also on the type of decor that will best align with our innermost design sensibilities. According to astrologers, looking to the stars can give us clues to our preferred hues, finishes, and furnishings. When our environment reflects our true cosmic nature, we become more relaxed and function more effectively.