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Top 8 Best Designed Buildings in Europe

When it comes to architecture, Europe is the pioneer of innovation, whether it be commercial, residential or public space in question. Here we're going to share some of the most beautiful and well-designed buildings erected in the last decade or so. Many of them have been designed by famous architects, renowned for their ingenui...

Europe’s Top 6 Interior Designers You Need to Know About

These pioneers of interior design have changed the way we look at homes today. Learn about the Europe's best and most innovative interior designers in the last 50 years. Who knows, maybe you'll find a little inspiration for decorating your own home the same way these famous interior designers did, or even decide to support their...

Belgrade Waterfront – The Talk of the Decade in Serbia Investments

Au Dhabi's prominent company Eagle Hills takes over a big private investment project - fully funding the rejuvenation and re-urbanization of one of Belgrade's most famous districts. Find out everything about this investment here on PropBooster, and discover all of the details regarding the bright future of Serbia's capital.

Home Decorating Mistakes You Need to Know About

If you think you're keeping up with the trends, think again. PropBooster portal presents to you the biggest decorating mistakes people usually make when designing their living space. Learn the new ways of interior design and get to working!