Rent Belgrade Apartment

Rent Belgrade Apartment - rent in Belgrade is ridiculously low. That's why people who've decided to come and live in Belgrade choose to rent apartments, and tourists from all around the world use short-term rentals for their visits because it's cheaper than hotel rooms (not to mention more private). Check out our Belgrade apartments, and see for yourself.

Wellport Lux Apartman Belgrade Rent 800 eur

Blok 65, Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia

48 sqm 2 beds 30.12.2019.

Apartman | Rent
800 €
16.67 € per m2

Rent Belgrade Apartment

Want to rent a Belgrade apartment? Just choose: do you want it bigger, or smaller, long, mid or short-term, furnished or unfurnished? We have everything covered for you. All you need to do is enter your preferences in the search options and filters and you will be able to book an apartment with just a few clicks. Living in Belgrade has never been easier. And cheaper, too. Come to Belgrade and rent an apartment at staggeringly low prices! We’re here to make you feel like home in Belgrade.