Short-term Rentals in Belgrade

Short-term Rentals in Belgrade - are you looking for a place to stay over in Belgrade? Try our short-term rentals. Apartments for rent are cheap but high-quality nonetheless. We've made it so easy to find accommodation anywhere in the world, it's ridiculous.

Izdavanje BW-Zgrada VISTA,113m2,Lux,Garaza,fantastican pogled.SNIZENO! 1700 eur

Karadjordjeva, Savski venac, Belgrade, Serbia

113 sqm 4 beds 20.08.2019.

Flat | Rent
1,700 €
15.04 € per m2
Flat in Belgrade for rent - Zemun Altina Dobanovački put, 89 50m2 200EUR

Altina, Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia

50 sqm 3 beds 24.03.2019.

Flat | Rent
200 €
4.00 € per m2
Office building in Belgrade for rent - Cukarica Banovo brdo Орфелинова 760m2 1EUR

Banovo brdo, Cukarica, Belgrade, Serbia

760 sqm 20 beds 12.02.2019.

Office building | Rent
1 €
0.00 € per m2
Garage in Belgrade for rent - Vracar Crveni krst Кајмакчаланска 12m2 80EUR

Crveni krst, Vracar, Belgrade, Serbia

12 sqm 0 beds 02.02.2019.

Garage | Rent
80 €
6.67 € per m2
Flat in Belgrade for rent - Stari grad Centar Sarajevska 70m2 750EUR

Centar, Stari grad, Belgrade, Serbia

70 sqm 3 beds 25.01.2019.

Flat | Rent
750 €
10.71 € per m2
Flat in Belgrade for rent - Vracar Cvetni trg Resavska 73m2 500EUR

Cvetni trg, Vracar, Belgrade, Serbia

73 sqm 3.5 beds 25.01.2019.

Flat | Rent
500 €
6.85 € per m2

Short-term Rentals in Belgrade

Are you coming to Belgrade, Serbia as a tourist? Good for you! There’s lots of stuff you can see there and you’ll go home with experiences that will last you a lifetime. It’s a big city, rich with culture, urban living, busy nightlife and a long, loge and interesting history. Coming to Belgrade is very easy, you can literally get there by plane, or car if you live in Europe. What you probably don’t know, is that short-term rentals in Belgrade are ridiculously cheap. You can rent an apartment in Belgrade for as much as 30 euros a day (35.50$), and save your precious money for all the gift shops and memorabilia. Apartments in Belgrade are also beautiful so you’ll feel right at home once you rent them.